The British Have Arrived

The British have arrived! It is no secret to those who know me, that I have a little obsession with chairs, I mean I do have a blog called My Chair Affair after all. So, when I found out one of my favorite furniture designers, Timothy Oulton was coming to Dallas, I was thrilled. I knew I would be at the grand opening party to photograph all of the excitement, but little did I know I would receive a hand delivered invite in the most creative fashion by a trio of Mini Coopers with drivers decked out in all black and topped off with bowler hats. Brilliant, indeed.

2 responses to “The British Have Arrived

  1. I love this! Truly brilliant.

  2. Par for the Course, another excellent presentation where I felt like I was there. So like England, even w/rain effects…BRILLIANT is so right. Wonderful pictures.

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