The Cultured Cup

What a treat it was to stop by The Cultured Cup to shoot some items and meet Kyle Stewart, co-owner of the store, who immediately made me feel like an old family friend. Kyle has such  passion and excitement for what he does and it’s absolutely contagious. This is the perfect place to bring a group of your best friends and enjoy a tea tasting. Yes, a tea tasting! I’m sure you’ve been to a wine tasting, or two, but this is an experience you don’t want to miss. There is quite an art to it and not to mention the aromas that fill the room while Kyle shares stories of the history, culture, origin and teases your taste buds with his fascinating descriptions of what you’re about to sip. I briefly mentioned how I was a black tea fan, nothing too fancy or perfumy and how my Grandmother raised me on Twinning’s English Breakfast. Next thing I know, Kyle is brewing up a tea he insists I try. It was called Oriental Beauty and it was the BEST tea I’ve ever had. I could have stayed all day; and the way Kyle kept refilling my cup, he was lucky I didn’t. Oh, and did I mention they have coffee and chocolate too? Check them out on Facebook!

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