D & D’s Wedding Weekend ♥

D & D HOB fb-011D & D HOB fb-006 D & D HOB fb-038 D & D HOB fb-039 D & D HOB fb-130 D & D HOB fb D & D HOB fb-177 D & D HOB fb-178 D & D HOB fb-181 D & D HOB fb-189 D & D HOB fb-196 D & D HOB fb-201 D & D HOB fb-219 D & D HOB fb-109 D & D HOB fb-107 D & D HOB fb-103 D & D HOB fb-101D & D HOB fb-129D & D Iron Cactus fb D & D Iron Cactus fb-001 D & D Iron Cactus fb-012 D & D Iron Cactus fb-020D & D Iron Cactus fb-061 D & D Iron Cactus fb-028 D & D Iron Cactus fb-030 D & D Iron Cactus fb-042 D & D Iron Cactus fb-045 D & D Iron Cactus fb-047 D & D Iron Cactus fb-050 D & D Iron Cactus fb-062 D & D Iron Cactus fb-122 D & D Iron Cactus fb-126D & D Iron Cactus fb-007D & D Wedding pics D & D Wedding pics-004 D & D Wedding pics-011 D & D Wedding pics-012 D & D Wedding pics-015 D & D Wedding pics-018 D & D Wedding pics-033 D & D Wedding pics-035 D & D Wedding pics-038 D & D Wedding pics-039 D & D Wedding pics-042 D & D Wedding pics-043 D & D Wedding pics-048 D & D Wedding pics-051 D & D Wedding pics-056D & D Wedding pics-057 D & D Wedding pics-060 D & D Wedding pics-066♥Danyel & Darnell’s Wedding Weekend included dancing the night away at House of Blues, delicious bites and sentimental toasts at Iron Cactus and a beautifully romantic, roaring 20’s themed ceremony at Rosewood Crescent Hotel. Congratulations D & D!! ♥Click here to see pictures from the photo booth.

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