Union Jack Tours Dallas

TO Union Jack Day watermarked TO Union Jack Day watermarked-001 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-005 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-003 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-002 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-006 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-008 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-009TO Union Jack Day watermarked-010 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-007 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-011 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-012 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-013 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-014 TO Union Jack Day watermarked-004Timothy Oulton’s Union Jack couch doesn’t get out of the showroom often, so when the opportunity came up, it took full advantage of seeing all of the hot spots in Dallas. The day included a cameo on D TV’s morning show, The Broadcast with special guest Royal Chef Darren McGrady and a little playtime time with WFAA’s Ron Corning at the American Airline Center. Of course, Union Jack couldn’t miss the the new Cowboy’s Stadium and the Ranger’s Ballpark. Next, it had to get a taste of Dallas culture with works of art in the Arts District, history at Pioneer Plaza, music at the House of Blues and shopping at Neiman Marcus Downtown. And finally, no tour of Dallas would be complete without a visit to SouthFork Ranch to see the location of the iconic television show Dallas.

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