Fashion Stars for a Cause

BDM Alex Cocktail-012 2 BDM Britt Cocktail-004 BDM Rhonda Cocktail (2)Hilary BDM Cocktail-005 BDM Ashley Cocktail-002BDM Regina Cocktail (2)BDM Carla Cocktail Beverly Drive 963BDM Robin Cocktail-007 Janee BDM Cocktail-002 Beverly Drive 962Cynthia BDM Cocktail-006Hilary Kennedy, Regina Bruce, Alex Small, Britt Harless, Rhonda Marcus, Robin Brock, Ashley Burghardt, Antonia Hubert, Janee Hill, Carla Miller, Cynthia Smoot and Toni Munoz-Hunt make up the 12 women of Beverly Drive Magazine’s Fashion Stars for a Cause benefitting Suicide Crisis Center of Dallas. Check out the March issue online.

One response to “Fashion Stars for a Cause

  1. Incredible photography, Shana! You are amazing at capturing the inner spirit and making everyone shine!

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