John Wayne Film Festival

JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-019JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-006 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-013 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-010 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-029 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-037 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-035 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-047 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-027 JWFF LOOK Day 1 WATERMARKED-023 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-071 JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-040 JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-008 JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-015 JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-004 JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-027 JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-030 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-033 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-022 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-032 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-006 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-037 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-027 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-025 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-010 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-074 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-082 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-083 JWFF Gilleys WATERMARKED-087 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-023 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-032 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-033 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-009 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-056 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-026 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-039 JWFF Ann Margret @LOOK WATERMARKED-094 JWFF Stodgehill home WATERMARKED-069 JWFF Stodgehill home WATERMARKED-020 JWFF Stodgehill home WATERMARKED-044 JWFF Stodgehill home WATERMARKED-018 JWFF trinity grove watermarked-062 JWFF trinity grove watermarked-070 JWFF trinity grove watermarked-052 JWFF trinity grove watermarked-051 JWFF trinity grove watermarked-008 JWFF trinity grove watermarked-060 JWFF Nick & Sams watermarked-072The John Wayne Film Festival, benefitting the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, took place over four fantastic days with screenings at LOOK Cinema and exciting events throughout Dallas at Gilley’s, Nick & Sam’s, Trinity Grove and the home of Anne and Steve stodghill. Special guests included Ann-Margret and Pat Green.

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