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Gallerie Noir Turns 2

WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-084 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-123 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-058 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-029 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-119 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-054 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-012 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-130 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-046 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-018 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-097 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-026 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-036 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-132 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-135 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-049 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-041 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-061 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-117 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-064 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-031 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-142WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-005 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-019 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-068 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-072 WATERMARKED for social media - Gallerie Noir Paradise-143Gallerie Noir celebrated their second anniversary and featured a live performance by Paradise + Grace.

Patron Magazine 3 Year Anniversary

PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-035 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-003PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-021 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-024 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-080 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-029 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-025 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-036 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-150 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-017 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-027 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-008 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-031 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-077 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-048 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-067 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-062 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-096 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-042 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-108 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-123 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-033 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-082PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-106 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-075 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-052 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-046 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-110 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-078 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-107 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-095 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-090 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-047 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-039 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-056 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-091 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-053 PATRON 3 YEAR Event watermarked-084Patron Magazine 3 Year Anniversary

Layers & Light at Gallerie Noir

Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-171 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-088Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-195 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-141 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-161 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-219 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-155 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-156 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-134 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-159 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-023 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-198 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-206 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-128 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-129 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-138 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-184Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-157 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-197 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-217 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-208 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-145 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-213 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-223 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-066 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-137 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-160 Gallerie Noir Layers & Light watermarked-084Layers & Light at Gallerie Noir featuring  artists Connie Chantilis and Willis Lejeune & minerals by The Arkenstone.

The Viscous Valley, Works by Jeremy Couillard

zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-007 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-033 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-062 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-081 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-027 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-094 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-037 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-083 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-005 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-094 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-091 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-092 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-019 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-055 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-054 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-042 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-028 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-093 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-085 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-063 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-090 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-041 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-109 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-108 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-026 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-086 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-089 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-058 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-064 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-082 zhurlong gallery WATERMARKED-051 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-079 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-091 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-095 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-116 zhulong gallery dinner WATERMARKED-134The Viscous Valley, Works by Jeremy Couillard at Zhulong Gallery

George Krause at LRFA

LRFA George Krause watermarked-072 LRFA George Krause watermarked-002 LRFA George Krause watermarked-035 LRFA George Krause watermarked-027 LRFA George Krause watermarked-032 LRFA George Krause watermarked-096 LRFA George Krause watermarked-058 LRFA George Krause watermarked-060 LRFA George Krause watermarked-068 LRFA George Krause watermarked-029 LRFA George Krause watermarked-057 LRFA George Krause watermarked-091 LRFA George Krause watermarked-038 LRFA George Krause watermarked-042 LRFA George Krause watermarked-025 LRFA George Krause watermarked-010 LRFA George Krause watermarked-005 LRFA George Krause watermarked-013 LRFA George Krause watermarked-043 LRFA George Krause watermarked-092 LRFA George Krause watermarked-020 LRFA George Krause watermarked-069 LRFA George Krause watermarked-045 LRFA George Krause watermarked-046 LRFA George Krause watermarked-044 LRFA George Krause watermarked-040 LRFA George Krause watermarked-065 LRFA George Krause watermarked-083 LRFA George Krause watermarked-071 LRFA George Krause watermarked-067 LRFA George Krause watermarked-063 LRFA George Krause watermarked-037 LRFA George Krause watermarked-075 LRFA George Krause watermarked-077 LRFA George Krause watermarked-049 LRFA George Krause watermarked-093 LRFA George Krause watermarked-048George Krause at LRFA


Roi James at LRFA

LRFA Roi James watermarked full LRFA Roi James watermarked-001 LRFA Roi James watermarked LRFA Roi James watermarked-017 LRFA Roi James watermarked-011 LRFA Roi James watermarked-005 LRFA Roi James watermarked-002 LRFA Roi James watermarked-003 LRFA Roi James watermarked-013 LRFA Roi James watermarked-014 LRFA Roi James watermarked-004 LRFA Roi James watermarked-010 LRFA Roi James watermarked-009 LRFA Roi James watermarked-006 LRFA Roi James watermarked-012 LRFA Roi James watermarked-008 LRFA Roi James watermarked-007 LRFA Roi James watermarked-015Roi James at LRFA

Focus Feature

Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-020 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-011 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-008Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-014 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-001 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-004 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-013 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-012Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-002 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-010Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-016 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-006Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-007 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-009 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-005 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-019Shana Anderson Photography was featured in the Focus, Life Through the Artist’s Lens article in Beverly Drive Magazine.