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Fall Festival at Light Farms

light farms october event WATERMARKED-136 light farms october event WATERMARKED-056 light farms october event WATERMARKED-126light farms october event WATERMARKED-041 light farms october event WATERMARKED-073 light farms october event WATERMARKED-088 light farms october event WATERMARKED-130 light farms october event WATERMARKED-100 light farms october event WATERMARKED-012 light farms october event WATERMARKED-028 light farms october event WATERMARKED-103light farms october event WATERMARKED-037 light farms october event WATERMARKED-121light farms october event WATERMARKED-138 light farms october event WATERMARKED-127 light farms october event WATERMARKED-025 light farms october event WATERMARKED-128light farms october event WATERMARKED-110 light farms october event WATERMARKED-141 light farms october event WATERMARKED-114 light farms october event WATERMARKED-149 light farms october event WATERMARKED-124 light farms october event WATERMARKED-115 light farms october event WATERMARKED-151 light farms october event WATERMARKED-152 light farms october event WATERMARKED-155 light farms october event WATERMARKED-157 light farms october event WATERMARKED-159 light farms october event WATERMARKED-167 light farms october event WATERMARKED-199 light farms october event WATERMARKED-170 light farms october event WATERMARKED-189 light farms october event WATERMARKED-182 light farms october event WATERMARKED-186 light farms october event WATERMARKED-198securedownload (1)Fall Festival at Light Farms

Hartley Rose’s 1st Birthday

Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-018 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-001 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-006 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-003 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-002 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-004Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-011 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-005 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-009Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-012 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-007 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-010 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-013 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-014 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-016 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-015 Hartley Rose 1st bday WATERMARKED pics-017Harley Rose’s 1st birthday


Dondolo Fall/Winter 2014

Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-147Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-137Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-052Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-023 Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-118Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-028 Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-004 WATERMARKED Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-175 Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-165 Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-107 Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-171 Dondolo Fall Winter 2014-112Dondolo Fall/Winter 2014


Focus Feature

Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-020 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-011 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-008Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-014 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-001 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-004 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-013 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-012Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-002 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-010Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-016 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-006Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-007 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-009 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-005 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-019Shana Anderson Photography was featured in the Focus, Life Through the Artist’s Lens article in Beverly Drive Magazine.

Catalina & Santiago ♥

Catalina Family-040 Catalina Family-052 IMG_3085-001 IMG_3381-001Catalina & Santiago ♥

CHRISTUS Health, Santa Fe St. Vincent

Santa Fe watermark-008 Santa Fe watermark Santa Fe watermark-001 Santa Fe watermark-007 Santa Fe watermark-009 Santa Fe watermark-010 Santa Fe watermark-002 Santa Fe watermark-011 Santa Fe watermark-016 Santa Fe watermark-012 Santa Fe watermark-003 Santa Fe watermark-004 Santa Fe watermark-005 Santa Fe watermark-006 Santa Fe watermark-015 Santa Fe watermark-018 Santa Fe watermark-017 Santa Fe watermark-013 Santa Fe watermark-014 Santa Fe watermark-019 Santa Fe watermark-020 Santa Fe watermark-021 Santa Fe watermark-022 Santa Fe watermark-023 Santa Fe watermark-024 Santa Fe watermark-025 Santa Fe watermark-026 Santa Fe watermark-029 Santa Fe watermark-027 Santa Fe watermark-028Photography for the CHRISTUS Health Promotional Video of their Santa Fe St. Vincent Location


Sara portraits -025 Sara portraits -026Sara

Bina & Lana

Bina-041finalBina & Lana

Paul & Tiffany Divis

Tiffany & Paul Divis-016Fullscreen capture 8302013 101527 AMPaul & Tiffany Divis are featured in the September issue of Beverly Drive Magazine.

Peace Hope & Butterflies

watermarked PHB 2013-079 watermarked PHB 2013-055 watermarked PHB 2013-002 watermarked PHB 2013-006 watermarked PHB 2013-011 watermarked PHB 2013-068 watermarked PHB 2013-014 watermarked PHB 2013-069 watermarked PHB 2013-003 watermarked PHB 2013-012 watermarked PHB 2013-092 watermarked PHB 2013-026 watermarked PHB 2013-019 watermarked PHB 2013-076 watermarked PHB 2013-037 watermarked PHB 2013-042 watermarked PHB 2013-065 watermarked PHB 2013-052 watermarked PHB 2013-090 watermarked PHB 2013-071 watermarked PHB 2013-119 watermarked PHB 2013-104 watermarked PHB 2013-106 watermarked PHB 2013-122 watermarked PHB 2013-020Peace Hope & Butterflies 2013 took place at Flag Pole Hill and is hosted by the Miracle Players Foundation, which brings musical theater programs to Children’s Hospitals and raises money to fund pediatric cancer research at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX.