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Light Farms Exclusive Preview Realtor Luncheon & Cocktail Party

WATERMARKED Light Farms-008 WATERMARKED Light Farms-019 WATERMARKED Light Farms-021 WATERMARKED Light Farms-044 WATERMARKED Light Farms-013 WATERMARKED Light Farms-046 WATERMARKED Light Farms-015 WATERMARKED Light Farms-047 WATERMARKED Light Farms-009 WATERMARKED Light Farms-058 WATERMARKED Light Farms-050 WATERMARKED Light Farms-076 WATERMARKED Light Farms-020 WATERMARKED Light Farms-010 WATERMARKED Light Farms-051 WATERMARKED Light Farms-062 WATERMARKED Light Farms-064 WATERMARKED Light Farms-065 WATERMARKED Light Farms-068 WATERMARKED Light Farms-069 WATERMARKED Light Farms-072 WATERMARKED Light Farms-079 WATERMARKED Light Farms-097 WATERMARKED Light Farms-098 WATERMARKED Light Farms-101 WATERMARKED Light Farms-106 WATERMARKED Light Farms-107 WATERMARKED Light Farms-110 WATERMARKED Light Farms-108 WATERMARKED Light Farms-115 WATERMARKED Light Farms-126 WATERMARKED Light Farms-127 WATERMARKED Light Farms-129 WATERMARKED Light Farms-134 WATERMARKED Light Farms-136 WATERMARKED Light Farms-195 WATERMARKED Light Farms-148 WATERMARKED Light Farms-141 WATERMARKED Light Farms-150 WATERMARKED Light Farms-169 WATERMARKED Light Farms-160 WATERMARKED Light Farms-153 WATERMARKED Light Farms-163 WATERMARKED Light Farms-171 WATERMARKED Light Farms-161 WATERMARKED Light Farms-164 WATERMARKED Light Farms-167 WATERMARKED Light Farms-170 WATERMARKED Light Farms-215 WATERMARKED Light Farms-173 WATERMARKED Light Farms-179 WATERMARKED Light Farms-180 WATERMARKED Light Farms-193 WATERMARKED Light Farms-198 WATERMARKED Light Farms-203 WATERMARKED Light Farms-204 WATERMARKED Light Farms-199 WATERMARKED Light Farms-205 WATERMARKED Light Farms-213 WATERMARKED Light Farms-209 WATERMARKED Light Farms-214 WATERMARKED Light Farms-217 WATERMARKED Light Farms-222Light Farms Exclusive Preview Realtor Luncheon & Cocktail Party

Ashard Richley at Chocolate Secrets

AR at Choc secrets AR at Choc secrets -033 AR at Choc secrets -031 AR at Choc secrets -034 AR at Choc secrets -006 AR at Choc secrets -041 AR at Choc secrets -020 AR at Choc secrets -023 AR at Choc secrets -039 AR at Choc secrets -032 AR at Choc secrets -001 AR at Choc secrets -015 AR at Choc secrets -014 AR at Choc secrets -045 AR at Choc secrets -013 AR at Choc secrets -051 AR at Choc secrets -002 AR at Choc secrets -017 AR at Choc secrets -019 AR at Choc secrets -055 AR at Choc secrets -057Everybody enjoyed wine, chocolate and a little shopping at Chocolate Secrets while Ashley Burghardt gave us a sneak peek at the upcoming Fall/winter 2013 Ashard Richley collection. Ashley also presented her newest and most adorable design, Matheson.

John Maas, Executive Chef at Cafe 43

Fullscreen capture 6282013 91842 AMJohn Maas, the Executive Chef at Cafe 43 in the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the campus of SMU, is featured in the July 2013 issue of Beverly Drive Magazine.

Happy Anniversary, Shinsei

WATERMARK Shinsei-108 WATERMARK Shinsei-082 WATERMARK Shinsei-105 WATERMARK Shinsei-003 WATERMARK Shinsei-005 WATERMARK Shinsei-102 WATERMARK Shinsei-064WATERMARK Shinsei-007 WATERMARK Shinsei-009 WATERMARK Shinsei-026 WATERMARK Shinsei-011 WATERMARK Shinsei-078WATERMARK Shinsei-013 WATERMARK Shinsei-038 WATERMARK Shinsei-015 WATERMARK Shinsei-104 WATERMARK Shinsei-017 WATERMARK Shinsei-039 WATERMARK Shinsei-047 WATERMARK Shinsei-076WATERMARK Shinsei-115 WATERMARK Shinsei-116 WATERMARK Shinsei-052 WATERMARK Shinsei-056 WATERMARK Shinsei-110 WATERMARK Shinsei-058 WATERMARK Shinsei-072WATERMARK Shinsei-046WATERMARK Shinsei-113 WATERMARK Shinsei-066 WATERMARK Shinsei-068 WATERMARK Shinsei-101 WATERMARK Shinsei-097 WATERMARK Shinsei-074WATERMARK Shinsei-107Happy 7th anniversary, Shinsei!

The Queen’s Birthday

WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-060 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-006 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-026 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-002 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-010 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-083 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-024 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-012 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-015 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-014 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-086 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-025 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-087 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-037 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-034 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-065 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-045 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-039 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-044 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-046 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-090 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-066 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-049 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-057 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-080WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-053 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-055 WATERMARKED TO Queens bday-071Timothy Oulton Dallas celebrated the Queen’s birthday with champagne, delicious bites and hot tea.

Sissy’s Lisa Garza

Fullscreen capture 5312013 113000 PMSissy’s owner Lisa Garza is featured in the June 2013 issue of Beverly Drive Magazine.

A Fluent Underground Dinner

Fluent Underground-800Fluent Underground-088Fluent Underground-801 Fluent Underground-805 Fluent Underground-806 Fluent Underground-807Fluent Underground-087 Fluent Underground-808Fluent Underground-086A Fluent Underground Dinner

Valentine’s Dinner with Chef AVC

Ser dinner-002 Ser dinner-001Ser dinner Ser dinner-005 Ser dinner-004Ser dinner-009Ser dinner-007 Ser dinner-011 Ser dinner-016 Ser dinner-017 Ser dinner-019 Ser dinner-021 Ser dinner-024 Ser dinner-025 Ser dinner-029 Ser dinner-006Ser dinner-031 Ser dinner-020Ser dinner-003Ser dinner-047Valentine’s Dinner with Chef Anthony Van Camp at Hilton Anatole’s SER Steak + Spirits.

Ocho Chef Joel Harloff

Joel Harloff is the new chef at Ocho Kitchen and Cocktails

Al Biernat’s

Al Bernet-009Al Bernet-008Al Biernat’s is the perfect option for a romantic dinner with your valentine. Al Biernat and manager, Brad Fuller are featured in the February issue of GrandLuxe Magazine.