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Imran Sheikh, Aftershock London

BDM Aftershock London watermarked-009BDM Aftershock London watermarked-002BDM Aftershock London watermarked BDM Aftershock London watermarked-006 BDM Aftershock London watermarked-010BDM Aftershock London watermarked-004 Fullscreen capture 422014 114502 AMImran Sheikh, Director of Aftershock London US, is featured in the April Issue of Beverly Drive Magazine.

Focus Feature

Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-020 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-011 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-008Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-014 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-001 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-004 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-013 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-012Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-002 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-010Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-016 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-006Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-007 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-009 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-005 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-019Shana Anderson Photography was featured in theĀ Focus, Life Through the Artist’s Lens article in Beverly Drive Magazine.

Plaza Style 13′

Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-002 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-003 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-004 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-005Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-001 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-006 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-007 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-008 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-009 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-010 Plaza 13 step & repeat 1-011Plaza 13 Runway 1Plaza 13 Runway 1-001Plaza 13 Runway 1-002Plaza 13 Runway 1-003Plaza 13 Runway 1-004Plaza 13 Runway 1-005Plaza 13 Runway 1-006Plaza 13 Runway 1-007Plaza 13 Runway 1-008Plaza 13 Runway 1-009Plaza 13 Runway 1-010Plaza 13 Runway 1-011Plaza Style 13′

Mi Piaci’s executive chef, Elmer Pineda

Mi Piaci Chef-011Mi Piaci’s executive chef, Elmer Pineda

Timothy Oulton Bowler Hat March

TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-002 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-008 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-016 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-018 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-019 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-027 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-034 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-037 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-049 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-051 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-056 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-058 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-063 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-067 TO Dallas Bowler Hat March WATERMARKED-071Timothy Oulton Dallas is celebrating their one year anniversary this Thursday, September 26th and what better way to get the word out then to have a Timothy Oulton Bowler Hat March through some of the hot spots in Dallas?


Sara portraits -025 Sara portraits -026Sara


Jamie Baker-015 Jamie Baker-037 Jamie Baker-049Jamie


Pierce W. Senior pics-020Pierce


fb Hannah fb Hannah-002fb Hannah-001 Hannah

Carolina Herrera

CH-005 CH-004Carolina Herrera and her visit to Dallas to host a trunk show at her Highland Park Village location is featured in the June 2013 issue of Beverly Drive Magazine.