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Cameron Portraits-003 Cameron Portraits-032Cameron

Roi James at LRFA

LRFA Roi James watermarked full LRFA Roi James watermarked-001 LRFA Roi James watermarked LRFA Roi James watermarked-017 LRFA Roi James watermarked-011 LRFA Roi James watermarked-005 LRFA Roi James watermarked-002 LRFA Roi James watermarked-003 LRFA Roi James watermarked-013 LRFA Roi James watermarked-014 LRFA Roi James watermarked-004 LRFA Roi James watermarked-010 LRFA Roi James watermarked-009 LRFA Roi James watermarked-006 LRFA Roi James watermarked-012 LRFA Roi James watermarked-008 LRFA Roi James watermarked-007 LRFA Roi James watermarked-015Roi James at LRFA

The Broadcast’s The Weekend Insider

weekend insider update pics watermarked-003weekend insider update pics watermarked-004 weekend insider update pics watermarked weekend insider update pics watermarked-001Weekend Insider group pic watermarkedThe Broadcast’s The Weekend Insider¬†featuring Ben Smithee, Chelsea Davis and Jackson.

Naila Malik M.D.

Naila finalNaila final-002Naila final-004Naila Malik M.D. photographed at Gallerie Noir

Imran Sheikh, Aftershock London

BDM Aftershock London watermarked-009BDM Aftershock London watermarked-002BDM Aftershock London watermarked BDM Aftershock London watermarked-006 BDM Aftershock London watermarked-010BDM Aftershock London watermarked-004 Fullscreen capture 422014 114502 AMImran Sheikh, Director of Aftershock London US, is featured in the April Issue of Beverly Drive Magazine.

Focus Feature

Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-020 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-011 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-008Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-014 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-001 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-004 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-013 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-012Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-002 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-010Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-016 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-006Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-007 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-009 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-005 Shana Anderson Photography Watermarked-019Shana Anderson Photography was featured in the¬†Focus, Life Through the Artist’s Lens article in Beverly Drive Magazine.

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP watermarked SJP watermarked-001 SJP watermarked-002 SJP watermarked-003 SJP watermarked-004 SJP watermarked-005 SJP watermarked-006 SJP watermarked-007 SJP watermarked-008The adorable Sarah Jessica Parker came to Dallas last week to show off her new SJP shoe collection exclusive to Nordstrom.