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Nardos Imam in Studio

Nardos studio-083Nardos studio watermarked-011 Nardos studio watermarked-001 Nardos studio watermarked-005 Nardos studio watermarked Nardos studio watermarked-010 Nardos studio watermarked-013 Nardos studio watermarked-009 Nardos studio watermarked-007 Nardos studio watermarked-003 Nardos studio watermarked-006 Nardos studio watermarked-012 Nardos studio watermarked-002 Nardos studio watermarked-008Nardos Imam in studio

D & D’s Wedding Weekend ♥

D & D HOB fb-011D & D HOB fb-006 D & D HOB fb-038 D & D HOB fb-039 D & D HOB fb-130 D & D HOB fb D & D HOB fb-177 D & D HOB fb-178 D & D HOB fb-181 D & D HOB fb-189 D & D HOB fb-196 D & D HOB fb-201 D & D HOB fb-219 D & D HOB fb-109 D & D HOB fb-107 D & D HOB fb-103 D & D HOB fb-101D & D HOB fb-129D & D Iron Cactus fb D & D Iron Cactus fb-001 D & D Iron Cactus fb-012 D & D Iron Cactus fb-020D & D Iron Cactus fb-061 D & D Iron Cactus fb-028 D & D Iron Cactus fb-030 D & D Iron Cactus fb-042 D & D Iron Cactus fb-045 D & D Iron Cactus fb-047 D & D Iron Cactus fb-050 D & D Iron Cactus fb-062 D & D Iron Cactus fb-122 D & D Iron Cactus fb-126D & D Iron Cactus fb-007D & D Wedding pics D & D Wedding pics-004 D & D Wedding pics-011 D & D Wedding pics-012 D & D Wedding pics-015 D & D Wedding pics-018 D & D Wedding pics-033 D & D Wedding pics-035 D & D Wedding pics-038 D & D Wedding pics-039 D & D Wedding pics-042 D & D Wedding pics-043 D & D Wedding pics-048 D & D Wedding pics-051 D & D Wedding pics-056D & D Wedding pics-057 D & D Wedding pics-060 D & D Wedding pics-066♥Danyel & Darnell’s Wedding Weekend included dancing the night away at House of Blues, delicious bites and sentimental toasts at Iron Cactus and a beautifully romantic, roaring 20’s themed ceremony at Rosewood Crescent Hotel. Congratulations D & D!! ♥Click here to see pictures from the photo booth.

Danyel & Darnell’s Wedding Photobooth ♥

D & D Photobooth wedding-087 D & D Photobooth wedding-002 D & D Photobooth wedding-038D & D Photobooth wedding-016 D & D Photobooth wedding-041D & D Photobooth wedding-021 D & D Photobooth wedding-033 D & D Photobooth wedding-034 D & D Photobooth wedding-059D & D Photobooth wedding-102 D & D Photobooth wedding-076 D & D Photobooth wedding-089 D & D Photobooth wedding-107 D & D Photobooth wedding-111D & D Photobooth wedding-085 ♥Danyel & Darnell’s Wedding Photobooth at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel. View entire album here.

Nardos Imam

Nardos-011Nardos-010Nardos-009Nardos Imam, the exclusive in-house couture designer for the Stanley Korshak bridal salon, is featured in the March 2013 issue of Grandluxe Magazine.

Danyel & Darnell

D & D Engagement 800-017 D & D Engagement 800-014D & D Engagement 800-011 D & D Engagement 800-009 D & D Engagement 800-015 D & D Engagement 800-016 D & D Engagement 800-012D & D Engagement-100 D & D Engagement 800-013 D & D Engagement 800-018 D & D Engagement 800-019 D & D Engagement 800-020 D & D Engagement 800-021Danyel & Darnell’s engagement party at Dee Lincoln’s Bubble Bar

Katy & Marc

Katy & Marc

A Paris Infused Affair

Some of the most important ingredients for the perfect wedding, besides marrying your best friend, are location, great music and extraordinary flowers. This wedding had all three. When having a destination wedding in Paris is not an option, why not bring the romantic French style to the ballroom at The Mansion, fill the room with the authentic sounds of a New Orleans jazz band and hire the most fabulous flower designer in Dallas, Shane Walker. This flawless combination created the most delectable concoction of a simply beautiful, Paris infused affair.